Monday, August 12, 2013

In-Reach Heathen Prison Services

In-Reach Heathen Prison Services is currently a joint effort by The Troth and Distelfink Sippschaft

The Troth's official statements regarding In-Reach will be posted on The Troth's In-Reach page, and Distelfink's official statements about In-Reach will be posted here and on other Distelfink sites.

Currently, The Troth is handling the network of Mail Handlers and building a community of Visitation Representatives and Visiting Clergy for In-Reach. The Troth has volunteers in several states doing responding to the mail. In some cases, the visitation is being conducted directly as a result of inmate or Chaplain interaction with The Troth. In other cases, local individuals or kindreds are conducting the work autonomously. 

Distelfink is the kindred in which In-Reach was initially founded, and we continue some of our work autonomously. However, as The Troth is better suited to be able to handle a program of this magnitude, we see our role in the future as being a facilitator for In-Reach efforts. Several of our members are active in In-Reach for Distelfink and for The Troth, and it will remain that way going forward, but the overall program administration will eventually be turned over to The Troth.

In-Reach is growing rapidly, and there is a clear need for positive Heathen messages and materials to be presented to incarcerated Heathens. Please see the In-Reach Charter page for more information.

The need for donations will continue. In-Reach will distribute Heathen book donations and distribute to them to the facilities in which we work. We will also accept Pagan book donations and distribute them through local allied networks. Please see the Drop-Offs page for current locations to make book donations. 

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