Open Visitation Requests

We receive requests from inmates, chaplains, and administrators regarding the need for visitation. We have been able to fulfill some of the requests, but we are still in need of volunteers in many areas.

We are in need of Visitation Representatives and Volunteer Chaplains. These are volunteer positions. Distelfink and/or The Troth will introduce In-Reach to the chaplains or the administrators. The Visitation Representative must be well versed enough in overarching Heathen principles and concepts. Volunteer Chaplains must be ordained by Distelflink Sippschaft, The Troth, or another approved organization, including non-Heathen organizations.

We actually have a much larger request list than this. This is just where the most emphasis is.

OPEN REQUESTS - updated 11/22/15


Ouachita River Correctional Unit - inmate request


Tehachapi - California Correctional Institution - multiple inmate requests

Pleasant Valley State Prison - inmate request

Salinas Valley State Prison - inmate request


Lawrence Correctional Center - multiple inmate requests


New Castle - Success! Heathen Prison Services are underway at this facility!


Framingham - female inmate request via Chaplain


Carson City - inmate request

Port Huron - inmate request

West Shoreline - inmate request


Cleveland - female inmate request.

Conneaut - Lake Eric Correctional Institution. Multiple inmate requests and Chaplain request.


Somerset - Multiple inmate requests


Augusta Correctional Institution - inmate request


Prairie du Chien - chaplain request

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