Tuesday, June 14, 2016

As many of you know, I have been elected to the office of Steersman of The Troth. My job as Associate Steer was busy enough, and Steersman is going to require a lot more mental focus.

I am, for the time being, staying in the official role of Program Coordinator of In-Reach Heathen Prison Services, but the functionality of the program will be turned over to Rory Bowman​ and Mallory Brooks​. 

The exact duties going to each has not been fully decided, but Rory has extensive Chaplaincy experience and is currently working on writing the Standard Operating Procedures for In-Reach. 

Mallory is a very avid and dedicated team member who will definitely be taking on leadership in the Mail Handler area. As such, I will be receiving the mail via our corporate headquarters, opening it to see if there are book orders or checks, and then forwarding the mail in packs to Mallory for distribution to the rest of the team. 

I will also set Mallory up with a few In-Reach mailboxes with an @thetroth.org address, and, once I have access to the bank account, I will utilize some of In-Reach's budget to buy JPay virtual "stamps" to be used to communicate with inmates who use JPay.

This program represents the evolution of The Troth's function into "macro" areas that are too big for one kindred to handle. I thank Rory and Mallory for stepping up to help. I am confident that they can make the program even better. Their volunteerism will free me up to move onto the next Troth projects. :)

Hail Rory!
Hail Mallory!

- Robert L. Schreiwer

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